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SekushiLover - Rank These Celeb Full Frontal Scenes: Part 1

Toegevoegd door 1 maand geleden

A compilation of full frontal celebrities ranked from 10 to 1

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Justavoyeur1 2 dagen geleden
Growing up watching saved by the bell and being in love with Jessie Spano, I'd die happy if I could get my hands on Elizabeth Berkley. Stunning woman.
Rosario is incredible also though. Phenomenal figure.
mrOwl 6 dagen geleden
10.Sarah, 9.Elizabeth, 8.Madalina, 7.Michelle, 6.Rikki, 5.Margot, 4.Ivana, 3.Rosario, 2.Scarlett, 1.Olivia Wilde                                                                                                                                                                               
SekushiLover 9 dagen geleden
Rosario will always be at the top of my list...very daring to show full shaved pussy when you are an A-list havin' a rockin' body just adds to her allure :)
in antwoord op LovingBitches (Toon de commentaar)
lutindesbois 18 dagen geleden
As per pussy : Olivia, I do prefer natural hairy pussy
As pert tits : definitely Scarlett
Thanks really good jerk off material
udirtysanchez69 21 dagen geleden
olivia, scarjo
LovingBitches 25 dagen geleden
They are goddesses, all of them. Precious bodies, faces, perfect skin and shape ♥ But my Top 3 is: #1 Rosario Dawson, #2 Elizabeth Berkley and #3 Sara Malakul Lane.
batacchio 27 dagen geleden
1 Rosario Dawson 2 Scarlett Johansonn
pixman22 1 maand geleden
1 Riki for sure... 2 Elizabeth .... 3 Ivana ... rest I don't care about but thx!
delflick 1 maand geleden
Awesome  compilation  x
SekushiLover 1 maand geleden
Margot Robbie would have for sure ranked higher, if only her full frontal scene was much longer...couldn't even tell for sure if she was shaved or not...
in antwoord op celticprince (Toon de commentaar)
SekushiLover 1 maand geleden
I kinda prefer seeing her pussy shaved...would make for some great cunnilingus without worrying about pubic hair :)
in antwoord op albani (Toon de commentaar)
SekushiLover 1 maand geleden
Olivia would have ranked higher, but something tells me that's not real bush...maybe she was wearing a merkin :)
in antwoord op claudetherod (Toon de commentaar)
SekushiLover 1 maand geleden
Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching :)
in antwoord op harry-hotspur (Toon de commentaar)
beedee241 1 maand geleden
#1 Olivia Wilde...#2 Scarlett Johansson
celticprince 1 maand geleden
Robbie, Berkley, Dawson, Johansson, Wilde, Williams, Milicevic, Ghenea, Lindholme & Lane.
coltsfreak 1 maand geleden
Olivia Wilde and Margot Robbie are 1a and 1b for me.
albani 1 maand geleden
Olivia Wilde
Michelle Williams
Rosario Dawson
Scarlett Johansson
Margot Robbie
#1 and #2 win as they dare to sport a bush in these 'shaved' times.
Rosario's fantastic body would have won by a country mile, if she had kept her bush from 'Alexander'.
steelpapi 1 maand geleden
Never heard of half these women, but they all looked great naked
claudetherod 1 maand geleden
Liz Berkley looks way better nude than clothed. She's got a real butter face. The ass is average, but her front is nice. Michelle Williams is the same. Butter face, better nude than in clothes. Her bush is attractive. Olivia Wilde has the perfect bush but her head is huge and her tits and shape are lame. The rest are all shaved, which is lame. They mostly have broad shoulders like men and flabby tits too. Fuck an 18 year old Asian and you'll never care about these over-hyped chicks again!
orel12 1 maand geleden
sliver23 1 maand geleden
Great clip
harry-hotspur 1 maand geleden
That was brilliant ! Best quality version of the Scarlett clip I've seen .. well put together .. can't wait for the next installment
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