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Japanese exhibitionist 2

Toegevoegd door 11 dagen geleden
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becauseilearn 3 uren geleden
You ... You do know that it is not mosaic in real life, and that the mosaic is added in post processing?  It isn't like she drops trou and there's a forest of pixels dancing about her nethers.
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bigboy4752002 9 dagen geleden
You do know why there is the covering of the gential area id Japanese AV? It was because of the USA winning WWII. MacArthur imposed it as part of the sanctions. Until then there was no covering and the USA had censoring laws in place for it's use on film and pictures. You did not see pubic hair after about 1945 until the late 1960's or early 1970's because it was again the Hayes' Laws of censorship.
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Musicfreak15 9 dagen geleden
I know, I've lived and worked there. My comment stands.
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Musicfreak15 9 dagen geleden
It makes perfect sense, you just may not be able to understand - that's different.
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andrew426 10 dagen geleden
Nice girl!
joval2010 10 dagen geleden
lovely teen
BlackStewie2_0 10 dagen geleden
Damn that was worth every sec. She a shy little freak that came out her shell real quick 
Xero42 10 dagen geleden
Chii is a sexy chick
Xero42 10 dagen geleden
Japanese censorship laws require the pixelation
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girllover59 10 dagen geleden
Disease 10 dagen geleden
That makes no sense.
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zorglub23 10 dagen geleden
superbe vidéo, je me suis bien branlé sur cette jeune asiat exhib !!!
LadyboySusi 10 dagen geleden
thickKAT 10 dagen geleden
Yan2020 10 dagen geleden
Hot girl! Thanks!
Koloboxxx 11 dagen geleden
amazig sexy girl))
Musicfreak15 11 dagen geleden
Not really exhibitionist if it's all pixilated......
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