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Starting Sex and becoming Sexualised.
I started being sexual at an early age.. I had a good pair of tits by then..! But this was just with lads my own age, and them playing with my tits and fingering me a little. When I was slightly older...
Curiosity: Part V (5)
My second after class extra credit session with Mr. Paterson was a bit more than I expected, but I enjoyed it even more than the first one. When we were finished, I left the classroom for the day a...
Legend of Korra: Amon's Pet - Chapter One
Chapter One: Arrival and Captured​ Cassandra arrived into the nighttime world of Korra's. arrived here vi...
Cumfort Juice
Other women will never understand what it is about a man's cum that I like. My girlfriends will shriek in disgust at the very sight, acting as if it was some toxic chemical that causes instantaneous d...
ROAD TRIP A CD STORY Chapter 2.0 Side Tracked
ROAD TRIP A CD STORY Chapter 2.0 SideTracked After partying all night in New Orleans we ate and finally got back to the rest stop on I-10 the boys were loading up the bikes and I was looking around i...
Turns out my new gf is a slut
So this was definitely the event that opened my eyes and made me realise I was probably a little more kinky than I thought. I met Emma at a club, she was hot, petite, long legs and big firm tits which...
Erotic story of a combination with a young woman o
I am in a province with Lan, so it is natural to eat together in class. I also sat in a row when I was in class. This is a big classroom. We are sitting in the last row. Because there are computer cla...
The Party – part two
After Dave got home from the party, and his exchange with his sister Kelsey, all he could think of is Kelsey. She told him she would...
First time at a black club
I was invited to a dance by a friend. She told me that I would have a wonderful time. I was just divorced and really needed to get laid so i agreed to go. I didn’t know that it was a club where mostly...
Skylar's Cute Sock Tickle
My girlfriend Skylar and I walk up the stairs of my house and into my bedroom which is straight ahead after the stairs. We've just come back from going out for our dinner after a couple of hours with...
Revenge of the Redhead
High school is a cruel time for people, especially if you don't fit into the norm at the time. Or if you went to school with assholes like me. I just remember doing the cruelest stuff to Red. She...
Wife's surprise part 1
My wife's a taller than average, 5'10", beautiful woman with long dark hair, and athletic build, with a big round bottom. When we got married she was in the best shape since I've known her, lean and c...
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